Urban Technology Management
I have a long experience and wide competence from the High Technology Industry. I have held various managerial positions at Ericsson Mobile Platforms and in particular, I managed a team of high technology experts looking in to a variety of technologies such as flip-chip, chip scale packaging, assembly technologies, antennas, acoustics and housing materials.

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Section Manager In 1997 I started out as Section Manager at Ericsson Mobile Communications within the Product Concepts Department for advanced electronic packaging & assembly technology. In three years I expanded my team from 2 into 13 people and also incorporated new skills as competitor analysis (BI), FEM modeling and advanced energy technology. Many of the technologies used in SonyEricsson and in other phones today are the result of work within this group. Passive integration as well as BGA packaging and assembly technologies were developed jointly with some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world such as Intel, AmD, Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics. Part of this work was also carried out in an EU-project called TWiCS (funded by the European 4th Framework Program) and therefore I have some experience in organization, WP-reporting and the realization of EU projects. In 2000, I was promoted to manager of the whole department.

Department Manager The department "Sourced Technologies" consisted of 70 employees organized into groups responsible for acoustics, advanced baseband, display technology, hardware pre-studies, battery technology, mechanical concepts, advanced materials and antennas. A few months later, another section named "Interface logic" was also incorporated. The overall responsibility for the department was to develop and secure new product technologies before use in commercial products and the annual turnover was in the order of 10 M€. Thus, I am used to dealing with conflicting wills and managing staff as well as budgeting and other administrative tasks. In addition, I was also member of the IPR Board (Intellectual Property Rights) dealing with patent applications.

Forums and world interaction As Department Manager, I also arranged and hosted a yearly global conference called The PIA meeting. This conference brought together Ericsson employers from development and production sites in the UK, the US, Holland, Germany, Japan and Sweden working with Packaging, Interconnect & Assembly issues. In addition, I organized quarterly Technology Forums in Lund, Sweden, to report back on progress in the technologies we were studying. Since Ericsson is a global company, I have also done a good deal of traveling, mostly to Europe, the US and Asia. I am experienced in dealing with suppliers and diplomatic in controversial issues.

Technology Strategy Council Following the restructuring of the company and the creation of Ericsson Mobile Platforms (and SonyEricsson Mobile Communication), I was made responsible for coordinating all strategic development in the newly created Ericsson Mobile Platforms. In this position, I was responsible for funding strategic research and technology development activities inside the different development departments. I also chaired the company's Technology Strategy Board which involved the EMP president and R&D management. I reported to the EMP CSO, Chief Strategy Officer.

THALES Communications, Tubize, Belgium
I have just finished a 2 year Contract With THALES Communications Belgium, where I have worked as Senior Systems Architect/Engineer with C4I and enhancement of situation awareness.

At THALES Communications, I have been technically responsible for merging technologies from several Thales sites (UK, FR, NL, IT, NO and DE) demonstrating Voice and Data communication (GPS-positions) using embedded computer hardware and UHF/VHF radios. The challenge has been to combine the strengths and ‘Unique Selling Point’ for each country and to do the necessary adaptations for all involved equipment to make them communicate with one another. This has been done for three major events:
1) A Customer demonstration (MoD) Sep 2009
2) Thales Technoday (Feb 2010) and
3) The Eurosatory International fair in Paris 14-18 June 2010 ...and they have all been very successful. Each event has used the preceding one as base and by adding functionality in an incremental way every new demonstration was enhanced with new capabilities.


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Future suitable assignments would be: Program Manager, Development Manager, System Architect, Project Manager, Change Manager, Quality Manager, Mentorship, Management coaching etc.

I have a M.Sc in Applied Physics & Computer Engineering. I am married and have two grown-up children, Ameli and Joakim born 1985 and 1988 respectively.
How can I contribute to your company?
In my professional career I have gained broad experience within the high technology field and have been trained to deliver in a dynamic, fast moving industry. I have had the privilege of working surrounded with very talented innovators and many sharp brains and to manage all this knowledge. I have also had strong support from high level management and the leadership culture within Saab, Ericsson and THALES in doing this. I am considered to be a good team player and calm and resilient in stressful situations. My mother tongue is Swedish, I speak fluent English and good French.